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After four years of marriage, Nanami and Koji's married life gradually came to a standstill. Koji is increasingly busy with work, he often comes home late from work, the two of them don't talk to each other often... In contrast to the two of them are the couple who just moved here, Hibiki and Abe. The two of them were always passionate about each other. From this side, Nanami could clearly hear Hibiki's moans as the couple made love. The love between the two makes Nanami feel extremely jealous. After the two women got to know each other, Nanami also told her story to Hibiki. After hearing this, Hibiki immediately invited Nanami and her husband to come to her house this Saturday. Here, she proposed that the two families exchange spouses. This will only happen on weekends, and on other days there will be no contact, or even private meetings. Because she wanted to change her current life, Nanami agreed. The next day, she went to Abe's house and became his wife. A gentle, considerate person like Abe easily brings a feeling of safety and joy to Nanami. The day went by without any trouble. The following week, Nanami continued to become his wife. But this time Abe cannot resist Nanami's beauty. When the two slept in the same bed, he immediately "invaded" her body. Nanami only resisted weakly because her body was also receiving a feeling of joy that she had not known for a long time. And the next week, Nanami continued to come here, but this time she was more proactive, enjoying the pleasure of sex with Abe.

ADN-424 Two young wives and the husband-swapping game

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 Movie Code: ADN-424 

 Actor: Nanami Misaki 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Collective Sex Movie Vietsub Sex Movie VLXX XVIDEOS XNXX 

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